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Grace Covenant Christian Center (GCCC) was started in April 2010 by Bob and Carla Woods out of a call by God to start a Grace Covenant based church in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago.
The first two months were spent with a small core group of believers to build a foundation toward opening the doors to everyone in June 2010.

The Lord began to reveal the truths within the New Covenant to the Woods’ after Bob had lost his job as a Vice President of a Chicago based food company. Humbled by the layoff, God began to reveal the New Covenant and true Gospel to Bob through several New Covenant teachers.
After leading several classes and home Bible studies over the next year, God led the Woods to leave their local church. Shortly thereafter, He spoke to them about starting a small home based fellowship focused on these New Covenant principles.

God deals with mankind through covenants and this New Covenant was built off of the foundation of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Christ fulfilled the law covenant on the cross and established this new (grace based) covenant upon His resurrection. It is a covenant where God is out to bless man in every way, one in which He’s never upset at us because it is a covenant of peace. Jesus took all of our sin, diseases and punishment on the cross and therefore God exhausted His anger toward Jesus on our behalf. God was able to fully reconcile with man because of Christ’s finished work at Calvary. Under this covenant, Jesus took what we deserved so that we now can have what He deserves. This is the good news of the Gospel.

It took only three months until the group of believers grew out of the Woods’ home and in to their first building. The founding principles on running GCCC are based on keeping church simple.
We don’t want to run a bunch of ministries because that’s not what God has called us to do.
We focus on Children’s, Youth, Praise and Worship and eventually we will run a Mission’s ministry.
We want people to spend time with their families and not spend every waking second in meetings, running church based ministries or serving the church itself.
We want everyone to sit at the feet of Jesus and draw from Him.
That is what will bring holistic health and balance to our life!

Bob and Carla Woods
Senior Pastors - GCCC

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